Succulent Tongue Monster

Found this bad boy featured at

Obsessed with plants much?  Trying to distract myself from my current bleakness. Don’t judge me.

  Succulent Tongue Monster

All the cool kids at the office have these on their desks. Go be friends with them.


Succulent succulents that don’t suck.

Expensive Chic Hipster Terrariums

DIY Rum Bottle Terrrarium

Pam, she is one slippery bitch


Use sparingly.

I do not like to keep most things to myself

I like to shoot confetti cannons of joy on everyone I know, when I have good news, unfortunately whether it be good timing or not. I will also call you and play the smallest violin in the world to discuss all of my woes.  I will text you at inappropriate times with inappropriate descriptions of my mental state and the intense emotions I feel for those who have wronged me.

“Hello, my turtle, our pet of 8 years, is currently decomposing in the backyard.

I turned his tank into a terrarium filled with succulents and then emptied it because everyone thought it was his burial place.

Now, 10 cent gold fish inhabit Reef’s former glass prison.

 Oh yeah, I lost my job and gained 102 pounds.

Did I tell you my kids were frick’n geniuses?  K, TTYL8R -Love you, Bye!”

And now this: a terrarium in a light bulb.  Because light bulbs are not just for crack anymore.

I received a Creature Survival Kit

-Hands Down the most elaborate invite I have ever received (all weddings included).  This Halloween Party Invitation came with a magnet “Save the Date.”  Also not shown, but enclosed in the box was a skull-bedazzled, petite multi-page booklet complete with spooky poetry, address, and additional info along with the nearest hotels.

Box includes: Holy Water, Vampire Stake, Mirror to identify undead, silver bullets for werewolves, and matches for a mini torch.

God Damn Honey, that right there is some serious Martha Stewart Shit (in “Jules” from Pulp Fiction voice*).

Shit yeah, I’m going.  

* Gourmet Shit

Frosty Paws vs. Schweddy Balls

Whilst in the grocery store, I just happened about this bizarre tiny freezer so innocently tucked in between bags of crunchy kibble and canned brown mush.

What kinda shit is this?


Hello?!  Diabetes are best left for us humans.

 Go buy some Ben and Jerry’s if you must inject your dog with sugar.

Then at lease you could share.

Can’t wait to try these:

Schweddy Balls for the win!!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I am very, very proud of this feat. I feel like I climbed a mountain.  I was talking with the OCHSA kids on the way to school and asking them what they were going to be for Halloween.  Sam and his friend, Matt are not so much interested in the dressing up thing anymore.  The new girl, who’s conservatory is dance, was excitedly talking about what she could be.  Sam joined in and mentioned someone came to school in a very large box, as a vending machine (and was selling soda to boot).  So I was telling her how last year at work there were a group of people dressed as M&M’s.

Bam! I  declared, I am going to be NERDS! I googled the costume and a cute couple had the idea last year


Ah Ha, I can do this.

TADA!  I am one happy nerd!